About Us



  Timber Pack Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 over an area of 2 rais (3,200 sq.m.) in Nongkhaem, Bangkok. The company founder has more than 10 years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of paper boxes.

Later on when plastic material has become significantly major throughout the packaging business due to customers’ intention to allow end-consumers to see what’s inside the box clearly, Timber Pack Co., Ltd. was then founded especially to cater to the massive need of plastic boxes manufacturing.

Timber Pack Co., Ltd. places emphasis on customers’ utmost satisfaction, constantly thriving to provide ‘one-stop-service’ inclusive of consultation, designing, and manufacturing. We would like to make sure that our customers will at the end receive the best products at the very best prices.

In term of manufacturing, Timber Pack Co., Ltd. is heavily equipped with several sizes of machines, both the manual and fully automatic types. We have the capacity to manufacture up to 30,000 units per day. As a result, we can be super flexible in the manufacturing process to make adjustments to meet with particular needs of all customers. It is our priority to assure that our customers will definitely receive the products with good quality at the best price delivered to them on time.

Nowadays, Timber Pack Co., Ltd. has become the ultimate expertise in plastic packaging manufacturing. We can manage all types of plastic packaging ranging from clear plastic box, printing on plastic box, thermoforming packaging, premium goods and soft PVC bag/sleeve. For the past decade, we have stood tall among the industry and have developed many newly-created styles of plastic boxes to cater to the various needs of the various industries. We have been noted remarkably for the clear plastic boxes made for beauty products, soaps, and textiles, both domestically and internationally. Our customers are satisfied with the products’ beauty, finesse, and the company’s ability to lower the cost down to the best possibility.

The Dream Team

Creative & Manufacturing Team is comprised of selected personnel with years of experience in product design, advertising, and marketing of FMCG products. The team has possessed extensive knowledge about packaging structure, plastic boxes, product placement, as well as purchase motivation among end-consumers; hence, can create new designs and styles of plastic boxes that will satisfy the customers to the max.

Client Service Team has enormous experience providing full service to customers in the industry very well. Working hands in hands with customers for over the decade, the team has thorough understanding towards customers’ problems and needs; hence, can provide the best solutions to answer the customers’ desire quickly and satisfyingly.