Vacuum tray

Timber Pack is also specialized in making thermoforming (vacuum) products which allows packaging to be in sync with the shape of the product itself in order to make the work more interesting. This technique is suitable for all types of products; for example, vacuum tray or inner-plastic tray to put into packaged box for more attraction as well as to stabilize the products during transportation.

PVC Tray is suitable for general goods e.g. cosmetics, phone cases, tools, and spare parts. Cost of PVC is relatively cheap whilst moderately durable and clear.

PET Tray is suitable for general goods and all kinds of food due to its non-toxic characteristic. It can be used in either high or low temperatures but not with microwave or freezer. PET tray is also very durable and clear.

PP Tray is ideal packaging for all kinds of food such as fresh/raw foods, instant foods, snacks, fruits, frozen foods, ice-cream, etc. PP tray is the only microwaveable and freezable plastic formula. The material is popular in both opaque white (natural) and solid black & white colors.