Our Service

The ultimate aim of Timber Pack Co., Ltd. is to be able to respond to customers’ needs at every facet and in a timely manner. Therefore, we’ve thrived to become the One Stop Packaging Provider with a complete service offer (consultation, packaging design & manufacture, and after-sale service) since the beginning of time. Our customers have had good feedback on our services for all these time. That’s why we intend to continue delivering the best and never to stop.
Timber Pack Co., Ltd. is committed to always provide the best service to our customers. Our client service team is pleased to give customers the professional advice. We take pride in the absolute trust that our current customers from all over the world (Thailand, Japan, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, Sweden and Netherlands) have bestowed upon us till these days.
“Timber Pack Co., Ltd. is obligated to work professionally, honestly, and punctually

Service arrangement according to packaging type
Plastic box, Paper box and Corrugated box

Vacuum tray, Clamshell – Slide pack – Blister pack

Soft PVC bag/sleeve, Premium goods